Maria Hill looked at the couple in front of her. Smiling, laughing, happy. She was a fashion photographer and normally didn’t do this type of thing but Pepper had asked her and there was no way she could turn down a friend. That and she may have been bribed with a vacation. She was not shallow but she couldn’t turn down a vacation. You’d have to be crazy to do that and she was many things (crazy being one of them) but she wasn’t that crazy.

“Tony try looking at Pepper and not the camera.” She says and Tony gives her a weird look. “Come on Mr. CEO who’s the photographer here.” He relents and looks at Pepper, says something into her ear that makes her giggle. Click. Maria smiles. As much as Tony annoys her sometimes they make an adorable couple. Just a cute simple indoor photo shoot for their engagement pictures. Which Pepper stressed wouldn’t look as good if Maria didn’t do them. Damn straight. So it helped that Pepper stroked her ego in the process.

She put down her camera and went over to the adorable couple (so cute they make you want to throw up her boyfriend…sex partner? Boyfriend had once said). “Okay one last shot. I know you said elegant Pepper but humour me. These shots have all been you now let me do one that’s Tony.” Tony grinned and Pepper just nodded her head. “Okay climb on his back.”

Pepper stared at her. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Climb on his back. Let him carry you. Show off that gorgeous ring of yours. ” Tony grabbed Pepper and hoisted her onto his back with such gusto that it forced a genuine laugh out of Pepper. “Perfect.” She ran back and grabbed her camera to frame up the shot. How could two people be so gorgeous she had no idea. She’d love to do something like this but it would be pointless.

“Maria.” Pepper said cutting through her thoughts. “No being sad. Okay. Happy thoughts instead.”

“Sorry.” Maria grinned. She’d do it for them. It’s not like Nick being blind had hindered their relationship at all but sometimes it hurt that he wouldn’t really be able to enjoy things like this. Preserving a memory he couldn’t see didn’t make sense. He had been teaching her to read brail and so far she was really good at it. Well childrens books anyways.

There was a really interesting one that had raised pictures that described the colours. It was one of his favourites. He had gone blind during his childhood and remembered some of the colours. Or so he said. The pictures were textured and raised so they could feel them with fingers. THAT WAS IT! She grinned and snapped the last photograph.

“All done Pepper. Now I just need your help with something,”

“Oh you really do sound happy!”

“I am. I think I just thought of a way to make this work for me and Nic!” She explained her idea to Pepper who squeed.

“It’s perfect.”

Maybe there was a way to get their happily ever after.



AVLAND BIGO - Family, Human, Natasha, SHIELD, Wildcard

Here are a few prompts for AVLAND BINGO.

Picspam of AOS team -Family

Tumblr graphic of Clint - Human
[I can't miss...if I miss it means I've been fooling myself]

5 Sigtags of Natasha Romanoff - Natasha
[The Black Widow]

5 Sigtags of Phil Coulson - Phil
[Tahiti is a magical place]

5 Sigtags (Fury, Sitwell, Hill, Hand & Captain America's shield) - Shield
[Which side are you on?]

Wildcard- tumblr graphic
[Lady Sif]


Okay so I've been stamped a few times (very few times) but I've decided that since I'm being re-stamped this weekend at HiH (finally that poor application was in the works for a good 9 months or so) and I plan to stamp again in August that I should have a place to put all of them. Plus it would be cool to have a timeline of sorts.



Sorted Gryffindor

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Re-Stamped as Fleur Delacour & Molly Weasley

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Hybrid House - Gryffinpuff

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Hogsmeade Time period Stamping - Classical Age

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Through the eyes of a sniper on vacation

Title: Through the eyes of a sniper on vacation
Author: wizbey
Remix Recipient: shenshen77
Pairing(s): Clint/Natasha
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Nothing really that I can think of
Author's Note: This takes palce after Avengers but before Captain America 2. I decided to remix Appreciation, in it Natasha is very protect of Clint and looks at his body in a realistic way, including his scars. In this fic it's Clint who is protective of Natasha (from a distance) and appreciative of both her body and scars.
Fic I've Chosen To Remix: Appreciation
Summary: He will always have her back, it's just what he does. It doesn't matter if their in the middle of the desert or some crowded vacation resort.

Collapse )

AVLAND Mission 7: Challenge 2 - BINGO MASTER POST

So avland is doing a blackout BINGO of sorts. You also get points for lines and such but seeing as I know have all this time on my hands blackout it is. besides if there is an easy out I'll probably take that.

So this is my BINGO master post (hopefully I finish). Entries will be edited as they are completed.

What counts for a BINGO?:
Icons – a minimum of 10
Fic – a minimum of 500 words
Drabbles – a set of drabbles (100 words each). A minimum of 7 drabbles per prompt.
Wallpaper – 800x600 minimum
Gifs – 3 gifs minimum
Vid – 1 minute minimum
Fan mix – 6 songs minimum, and a front and back cover (300x300 pixels each)
Picspam - a minimum of 10 images
Tumblr graphics - images may be from anywhere
Sigtags - A minimum of 5
Crafts/baking/etc... - two pictures 1 showing WIP the other showing the completed work

06/25 completed = 24%


AVLAND Mission 7: Challenge #11 - And They Live (3)

Based upon THIS genre-swapped picspam THIS comment in the Maria Hill prompt thread and my head cannons that a) Maria and Robin are identical twins and b) Maria when not in SHIELD clothes or proper business clothes wears super bright cloured clothing. Like red jeans and a dark teal sweater. She makes it work okay :)

“BARNEY!” Robin stepped out of her bedroom and into her living room ready to tell her friend to stop coming over at 1 in the morning and playing the “Let’s go to the Mall” music video to annoy her.

“Seriously? This is an issue.” The person on her coach spoke not trying to contain they’re laughter. “I like this video.”

Robin sat down on the coach beside her sister. “I know you do. Which I never understood.”

“You fashioned her after me.” Maria responded.

“Why are you so proud of that fact!?” Robin shook her head and tried not to look at her sister if only for the fact that her eyes might start bleeding. “How do you even manage to pull off bright orange pants and a pink sweater with a purple camisole? What makes you think that’s a good outfit choice?”

“I wear what I want and you wear what you want. Remember we agreed upon that.” Maria pointed out.

“But when I look at you I just see me.”

“That’s your problem Robin not mine.”

Robin reached over and hugged her sister. “I can’t believe I finally get to see you. We live in the same city and I feel as if I hardly ever get to see you.”

“I’m extremely busy or you’re off reporting in some other country.” She smiled. “But I’m yours for the entire weekend.”

“Even if there’s an alien invasion?” Robin asked.

“Especially if there’s an alien invasion.” Maria responded.

“Can we please turn that off?” Robin went to grab the remote but Maria was faster.

“Once more! Then bed.” She hit play again not really giving her sister a choice but Robin stayed seated.

“Why?” Everyone she knew had an obsession with Robin Sparkles and she was trying to forget that part of her life.

“Because it was your life decisions and you deserve to have it mocked every once and a while.”

There was a brief pause and then Robin understood. “YOU SENT BARNEY SPACE TEENS!”

Maria smirked. “Someone had too.”

And for your viewing pleasure: LET’S GO TO THE MALL!!!

AVLAND Mission 7: Challenge #11 - And They Live (2)

Inspired by a wallpaper for the Hawkeye wallpaper prompt challenge HERE

Kate took a calming breath, in and out, and fired on her exhale. She didn’t need to watch the arrow sore through the air to know that it would right on target. She had been in archery lessons ever since she could remember because she had asked to be. Her parents had put her in everything that she had wanted. She had done dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, swimming, tennis and soccer among other things growing up. Her parents had never said no to her so she had started to ask for more and more ridiculous things like rock climbing and archery. Two sports that she actually grew to love. And she was good at both of them.

She had fallen head over heels for archery. It was a sport of precision and she was precise. She had ended up back at the archery range on a Tuesday night because she was bored. There weren’t very many people around and she didn’t mind that. She reloaded the bow, took aim keeping her thumb level with her cheek and her elbow bent. Breathing in and out she released. The arrow followed a similar path down and ended up beside her other arrow on the target.

“Not bad.” Came a voice from behind her.

“Watching me again Clint.” Kate chided before turning around. “People are going to get the wrong impression about us.” She smirked at him. “What’s your girlfriend going to think.”

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Clint mumbled.

“Besides I’m amazing and you know it.” She’d never admit it to him but she was happy a superhero was running around using a bow and just a bow. It meant that you didn’t have to be special or gifted to be a superhero.

Clint laughed. “I’ll give you that but I’m better.”

Kate figured that to be true, he was older and had been doing this longer than her but she was stubborn. “No way that you are. You’re too old.”

Clint looked half amused and half offended and Kate hoped that she hadn’t gone too far. “Alright missy how about a wager.”

They had been doing this off and on for about a year. Whenever Clint was in New York and not busy. With work or saving the world. “What were you thinking?”

“I need a pretty date for some charity ball event thing that Nat roped me into going to. I thought we were going together but apparently not.” She was sure he was hurt but was trying to hide it.

“You’re too old for me.” She replied.

“Come on Katie-Kate. It will be fun.” Was Clint Barton whining?

“It will not be fun. I hate going to those events. I avoid them when my parents host them.” She hated those stupid charity events. Not that she didn’t mind dressing up but they were boring.

“Actually your parents are hosting this one.” Clint grinned and Kate realized what he was doing.

“You are NOT trying to win that bet!”

“Come on if you’re as good as you say you are it should be no problem.”

She was half tempted to tell him to go screw himself or get Nat to do it but he lacked the balls for that. and she was too stubborn. “Fine. But it has to be good.”

“It is. I’ll split one of your arrows in the target.” She looked at his bow before handing over one of her arrows and nodding her head. Clint took up a very similar stance to hers and released his arrow. It cut through the air and made contact with her arrow and didn’t stop or get deterred. Kate walked quickly over to inspect it. sure enough the arrow was split in two like robin hood.

“If I miss it means I’m just another dude with a bow it means I’ve been fooling myself this whole time. And that’s why I never miss.” Clint said as if it was an explanation. “So put on a pretty dress, show up and I’ll split the bet money with you.”

She scowled at him but was okay that he wanted to split it with her. At least they would suffer together. “How much?”

“Twenty five hundred.” Was Clint’s reply.

“One thousand two hundred and fifty. That’s not bad.”

“No Katie-Kate twenty five hundred is your half.”

AVLAND Mission 7: Challenge #11 - And They Live (1)

Maria Hill as a photographer inspired by THIS genre-swapped pic spam. The avengers as in demand models.

Maria shifted slightly from the bench she was sitting on angling her body to frame the balloon in the sky better. She still had a few more days on vacation and then she would be busy with fashion week and promotions and such. She didn’t want to think about that. Not right now. Right now she was in her happy place. It wasn’t that she didn’t like her job because she did. It was more to do with some of the people she’d have to work with.

She had built a name for her self at a relatively young age. She had gotten a camera for her birthday when she was 8 (her parents had been distant growing up) and she was determined to use it. That’s mostly how she started taking pictures. Because she was stubborn. Mostly the came out blurry, or weird angles or something. They just didn’t look right. But she kept at it (mostly because she felt so invested she didn’t want to give up).

When she was 15 her parents decided to take a family trip to the beach for her birthday. It didn’t matter that her birthday was mid winter or she had no interest in the beach. All that mattered was they wanted to go to the beach. So she had grabbed the camera and threw it in her bag last minute on a whim. She ended up spending most of her time taking picture of the sunset or other people at the resort. When she had the pictures developed she was pleasantly surprised to see that they all turned out.

It became a game in her head. figuring out the angles that would make every situation into the perfect photograph. Which was why during her vacation she was in central park taking photos of the random passer-bys. A little glimpse into their lives right now. So what if in four days she’d have to deal with Stark and his arrogant attitude, or the fact that on again off again couple Clint and Natasha were off again, or that two of the models for fashion week spoke very little English. And don’t mention the fact that one of the models was only given a coveted spot in because she had won some top model contest. They would look amazing when there were photographed going down the runway and during photo shoots. She would make them look that way.